Worst Thing You Can Do When Selling Your Used Car

When you need to get cash for automobile, but are tempted to trade it in to some auto dealer, stop and think a minute. This is not the best move for you. The car dealers are definitely not going to have your best interests in mind, regardless of all the hype they spew out about ‘wanting to help’ you. Here is why you need to avoid them and sell your used car another way.

#1 – Their Price is Wrong

Why is a car dealer buying your used car if they aren’t making a profit from it? For them to make a profit they’ll have to quote you a low price, which usually translates to half of what your car is worth. It’s not that they’re trying to scam you, it’s just simple math. They need to get your car for next to nothing so they can make money by selling it to someone else.

#2 – Too Much Negotiation

When you’re wanting cash for your used car, it will be harder to get the right price when you negotiate with a dealer.


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What to do after a Personal Injury Accident In Calgary

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The soonest you can gather all the information from the scene of an accident the better the evidence will be. You should document your injuries in detail as soon as you are able to, this will strengthen your personal injury claim.

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Revisit the Scene

Always revisit the scene of the accident in the days after. It’s surprising what else you will notice, take notes of everything you see and remember. If you can find someone who saw the accident and are willing to give you a witness statement, this will be great for your case.

Always take photographs from the scene, pictures are able to tell a much more detailed story than just words. Take photos when the time and weather conditions are similar to when the accident occurred if possible, this helps give a true picture of the scene.Personal Injury Lawyer Calgary Inc

Protect Physical Evidence

There is often an item of physical evidence relevant to an accident. Try to protect the physical evidence any way you can. Obviously taking photos is one thing, but obtaining the item when possible is great for your case.

Keep any clothing or items you had on you at the time that were damaged. Showing the damaged, torn, or stained items is good evidence.

Try to Find Witnesses

Eye witnesses are one of the most important factors of a claim dispute. If someone saw the accident and can testify where the blame lays then if it’s in your favour you have a very strong case. If your injury happened out in public, knock on doors around the scene and ask if anyone saw anything. Don’t wait too long to do this, the longer you wait the harder it will be to find witnesses and the less they will remember about the accident.

Keep Notes on Your Injuries

As with any personal injury claim you need to keep notes and photographic evidence of your injuries. Not just once after they happen, but ongoing as they heal. Make detailed notes of how the injuries have affected you and your daily life. Learn more about injury attorneys here.

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Exceptional Dental Office Tech

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Dentist in Richmond bc, for example, is a Lansdowne clinical reference dental system that boasts a drug interaction checker, formulary information, drug guide and contains the following benefits:


  • Waiting Time

Most dental offices waiting rooms look similar. There are chairs for the patients to sit in, tables filled with magazines of various interests, and a kids’ play area. Magazines provide a way to flip through the minutes while you wait, but they aren’t interactive and don’t evoke a feeling of control and command.

Regardless of whether the patient is in the lobby or in the chair, providing them with a tablet to entertain themselves with during their visit reduces the dreariness of waiting leading to happier patients. Furthermore, this practice associates positive feelings with dental visits. (That’s always a good thing.)


  • Behind the Scenes

Tablets are wonderful for patient interaction and entertainment. However, they also furnish the practice with helpful tools.

This app is continually updated and includes medical news. It may also include information regarding disease diagnosis, diagnostic tests, insurance codes, a medical dictionary, and more depending on which version you download.

Dentist's equipment


  • Outside of the Office

Do you send out appointment reminders? Are they the traditional postcard that typically goes unread?


Do you know what does get read by most every single person today? Text messages. During a 16-hour time period, the average person checks their phone 150 times. Implementing smartphones or tablets into your practice can assist the front office in sending text message or email reminders rather than postcards. Many practices have noticed a growing trend in the number of booked and kept appointments.


  • Looking Ahead

Tablet use in your practice is limited only by the amount of creativity and development exercised in the design of future apps. As the apps available continue to develop and advance at an increasing rate, their position within the dental practice will as well.

Did you hear about the dental clinic patient in vancouver that had some brain damage, definitely a sad story but could have been prevented had the dentist and his equipment was more up do date with recent technologies!

What would you like to see next in the relationship between tablet technology and dental practices? Is your practice currently using tablets? Weigh in below.


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Whiz Service by Tech Savy Salem Dentist

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How do I know what will work best for myself, my office, and my dental patients? Dentist Salem Oregon explores the multitude of methods you can implement devices into your practice.

Dentistry is a meeting of science and customer service. These “smart” devices provide an easier and more efficient avenue for dentists to employ in order to navigate both skill sets. This is due to the vast array of applications (or Apps) created to serve a variety of needs regardless of whether it’s personal or professional.

new Clinic


Patient Intake
Utilizing tablets in a dental practice makes life easier for your staff and your patients. Paperless (chartless) practices have swiftly become the dental industry standard, and tablets are aiding significantly in this change. Rather than wasting money and time printing paperwork that will need to be filed and, eventually, shredded, tablets allow providers and office staff to efficiently enter and track demographic and clinical information while reducing the amount of office clutter.

Tablets being placed in the lobby area for dental salem patients to use in order to conveniently enter their information into the record keeping system is a growing trend. Not only does it reduce the amount of time staff spend printing and handing out paperwork, it also gives the office an appearance of progressive thinking and growth.

The Adobe Ideas App
The Adobe Ideas App allows patients to complete all of their necessary intake forms on a tablet. They simply fill out the provided forms and sign with a stylus directly on the tablet screen.

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Tablet Use in Dentistry

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We all know that one person that either doesn’t want or doesn’t care to learn new dental technologies. They don’t see the need for a phone that does anything more than make a call and send the occasional text message, if they even do that much. While that may work for some people, the dental industry of today demands the use of modern technology such as smartphones and tablets.

whiz Dentist

Why is it necessary? The utilization of these “smart” products is essential in increasing customer satisfaction through increased customer service and ease of communication. However, their ability to amplify the efficiency with which clinical dental skills are provided and documented also assists the dentists in their everyday tasks.

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